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Have you ever wanted a T-shirt to make a statement that demands attention. Our new lines of Trashy Products™ are sure to get the level of attention you crave. Many of the T-shirts, Products and Gear found on this inter-linked matrix of web sites are our unique designs and creations. We also will be providing links to other websites with whom we have an affiliate marketing relationship. It is our objective to provide access to some of the most outrageous stuff the Internet has to offer.

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I am indeed sorry if you are offended by politically incorrect humor, but you need to get over it. The sayings, slogans, and various design aspects are intentionally aimed at getting into your face and under your skin. Hopefully we will accomplish this objective as we create brand name products deserving of our and Domains and our obnoxious brand of Trashy Bitch™ and Trashy Guy™ products. Our Trashy Products™ are soon to be the rage of the net…

Our Trashy Products™ although they are intentionally trashy are manufactured from quality materials and offer excellent value.

We do not foster violence or hatred, however everyone in a free market society has the right to express their attitudes, beliefs and opinions. Fight the absurdity of our times and society's annoyances by being absolutely absurd. Wear our Trashy Products™ proudly and make your politically incorrect statements as obnoxiously as you so dare…

Thank you for visiting our Trashy Products™ website, it has been my sincere pleasure to provide you with a viable outlet for your frustrations.

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