- is an extremely valuable domain name.  It has easy to recognize applications, is extremely brandable and if utilized correctly this domain name could provide a tremendous return on investment...

Everyone has heard of Snapchat ® – The app and the company have become so popular that almost everyone has heard of the company or uses the Snapchat app. is an ideal domain for anyone who wishes to create the next “Killer App” or is looking to rebrand an existing app to something more recognizable, more user friendly or more prestigious. has all the right words to describe the most useful features or gestures commonly used on the most popular apps “Snap, Tap & Post”.  One scenario for this domain's usage in an app could be as follows: Snap a photo... Select by Tapping.... and Post to a friend or Social Media....

So if you are into developing apps this domain name is the marketing edge you need to compete in a crowded marketplace.


Current Google search results by word targeting:

  • Snap = About 514,000,000 Google results
  • Tap = About 724,000,000 Google results
  • Post = About 7,610,000,000 Google results (as in 7Billion)
  • Snap Tap Post = About 5,060,000 Google results


Make posting to social media or selling items online as easy as Snap. Tap. Post.

This is a terrific domain name for SEO, ad placement & generating ad revenue as well as for selling online or a website for selling an existing app.

Seller's Notes: This offer is for 1(one) easy-to-remember .COM domain name was originally purchased for the development of an app. However too many higher priority projects has temporarily caused me to be distracted from this project.  So take advantage of my busy schedule and "Snap Up" this bargain while it is still available.

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 Snapchat ® is the registered trademark of Snap, Inc.