Potential Bad Actors - TLD Registers & Domain Name Registrars...

In an attempt to register a number of newly discovered domain names I became involved in a situation in which my search information (my domain name search) was being used against me.  My search information apparently triggered an automatic algorithm or some individual working for the TLD Register to reclassify the domain I intended to purchase to be a Premium Domain and increase the price during my attempted registration to $130,000.

Yes, the domain name I discovered was that good... The domain name consisted of two of the most popular words separated with a dot currently used in reference to the Internet.  Apparently I discovered a word pair that had never been searched for before, and in the time it took to register my list of new findings the pricing was changed by the company that had access to my data & controlled the Registry.

The above situation seems both illegal and unethical to me especially since in addition to what appears to be cybersquatting behavior as well as violation of my privacy as related to the confidentially of my search information and its inappropriate use to prevent my purchase of an independently researched domain name.

Surely there is a log file at both my Registrar and the TLD Registry that documents my claim as well as the screenshots I captured as soon as I realized my chosen domain was snatched from me.

This isn't the first time I noticed that someone is playing games by changing prices during the latency of finding an available domain and the time it takes to make the actually purchase of it. However to increase a price that is less than $20. to $130.000 definitely indicates bad faith in either policy or procedure.  Especially considering that my intellectual property (my logic, thoughts, insights, and effort) were unknowingly used against me.

... This issue is currently unresolved and I must get back to trying to make contact with all parties involved.

 This article will be updated and/or revised as I proceed with this matter...